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The Knox Student

Student Read, Student Written, Student Led Since 1878

The Knox Student

A grounds worker washing the phrase From the River to the Sea off of the chalk art done by Knox Students.
Administration instructs erasure of Pro-Palestinian slogan
Julia Maron, Staff Writer • May 29, 2024
A pro-Palestinian slogan was removed from the pavement after the walkout protest on May 10. The slogan "From the River to the Sea" is controversial, as some interpret it as being antisemitic and supporting the elimination of Israel as a state.
The top 3 most popular majors on campus have stayed the same since last term.
Students per major Spring 2024
Eleanor Lindenmayer, Editor-In-Chief • May 29, 2024
Yaki Udon at Masa Sushi Hibachi Steak House in Galesburg, IL
The best and worst things I ate this week: Udon is the star
Areesha Saif, Staff Writer • May 13, 2024
Staff writer Areesha Saif details the best and worst thing she has tried this week in Galesburg, IL. This week features Masa Sushi Hibachi Steak House's Yaki Udon as the best!
My messy and polyamorous majors story
My messy and polyamorous majors story
Areesha Saif, Staff Writer • May 2, 2024

Three years ago, if you were to tell me the hopeless romantic with rose-tinted glasses for eyes, who had just come to Knox as a Literature major, on the pre-law track, that I would be graduating with a double major in Chemistry and Political Science, I would have screamed and dropped out. But here I am, a SMC rat, permanently damaged from Organic Chemistry and shaken to my core by the theories...

The I
Here is why Knox students don't join Union Board.
Julia Maron, Staff Writer • May 2, 2024
There's not a single student at Knox who doesn't know what Union Board is. In fact, it is hard to find a student who is not part of Union Board, or wishes they could join Union Board. Every UB meeting is crowded with people, and members often get free pizza from Baked…Ok, one more word and I'll open a fanfiction account.
Chehmani in “The Monsters Inside You”, choreographed by Chehmani and Hutchins. Photo taken by Suyash Chitrakar.
“I could just exist in the joy of movement,”: Terpsichore Dance Collective’s Class of 2024
Jenna Schweikert, EIC-In-Training • June 2, 2024
The senior class of Terpsichore Dance Collective is full of talented individuals. Their last formal show in winter term 2024 was applauded as one of Terp’s best shows yet. This is their legacy: dance for everyone.
this is my goodbye column
"this is my goodbye column"
Eleanor Lindenmayer, Editor-In-Chief • May 17, 2024
The Knox Student was the first student organization I joined on campus. I went into that first meeting on a Monday evening, week two of my first year of college, nervous and excited.
The Amtrack station at Galesburg, IL. Photo courtesy of Flickr.
Dear Amtrak, where is my train?: Why Amtrak is always late, what you can do about it
Yuchen Wang, Radio Editor • May 15, 2024
In a report published by Amtrak in Dec. 2023, the train route that takes Knox students to Chicago in the afternoon is one of the most delayed trains in the nation.
Students milling at the 4th Annual Blick Art Exhibit in WAC
An explosion of color: Fourth annual Blick Juried Student Art Exhibit
Red Engel, Graphics Editor • May 17, 2024
​​The 4th annual Blick Juried Student Art Exhibit showcased a wide variety of Knox student’s artwork. Bright, bold and full of color, this year’s exhibit was a treat. This year’s juror was Chinese-born, Chicago-based video artist Yuge Zhou. With a Blick certificate of $200 for each category’s 1st place winner, it gives a truly special opportunity for Knox students to showcase their work and be recognized for it.
Claire Dietz performing at Burn The Floor
A study in catharsis
Red Engel, Graphics Editor • March 7, 2024
A review of the Terpsichore Dance Collective winter show: Burn the Floor. From the wide breadth of fantastic choices in music, to the stunning light design, excellent costume picks, and of course the main attraction - the dances themselves - this term’s performance was phenomenal.

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Womens Soccer vs Grinnell 230926 (Photo Courtesy of Knox College)
Knox athletics implements transportation pilot program
Aleene Ramirez, Staff Writer • May 8, 2024

A new implementation of white vans is under use by spring athletic teams, as a practice run for future seasons. The previous charters seated...

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Casey Foubert, Photo courtesy of Eastland Guitars
“What if my life could be more than music?”: Meet earnest musician Casey Foubert
June 2, 2024
Senior Casey Foubert is an undergraduate who has already lived a lifetime as a musician. He has worked and toured with many artists, including Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Gabriel Kahane, and Richard Swift. His work moves from co-writing and engineering, to banjo and vibraphone. Foubert describes the pressure of being “cool”, the challenges of balancing touring and family, and his future work.
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