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Abolish Mondays

Red Engel
Cartoon of Copy Editor Selah Dow dressed as Garfield

Abolish Mondays, three day weekends every week. This doesn’t need to be a daydream. Work-life balance is skewed all over the world, my solution? Abolish Mondays.

The idea that work is everything has been deeply ingrained in many, especially in the United States. This ‘grindset’ is not only inaccurate, but often harmful. Much as we would like it to be, in the US what we earn is not based on our talent or how hard we work.

Many people are underpaid and overworked, with no free time but lots of stress. There are plenty of impoverished people who are unable to make ends meet no matter how much or how hard they work.

With this in mind, everyone should have enough leisure time to live a holistic and fulfilling life. In order to abolish Mondays we need everyone to be paid a livable wage, and the reduction in hours could not mean a reduction in pay.

This means something different to us as college students than it does to the work-force. However, it is no less important. In fact, it would be even more practical.

With a three day weekend students would have more time for the things that are important to them, one day for chores and other life responsibilities, one for social time and relaxation, and one for homework.

On top of this, a four day work week would mean that class time would be completely even. Rather than classes that are three days a week, and others that are only two, they would all have an even distribution. While classes that have labs or occur more frequently could still do so.

Students’ working week would be more busy, but the entire extra free day would more than make up for the increased workload. Besides, as college students many of us still work for our jobs on or off campus during the weekend. We could continue to do so and still have more free time.

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Selah Dow
Selah Dow, Copy Editor
Selah Dow '25 (any pronouns) is a history major and a double minor in education and spanish. is the copy editor for TKS. They are from Boulder Colorado, and have had 5 cats throughout their life, all of which are orange tabbies.
Red Engel
Red Engel, Graphics Editor
Sasse/Red Engel '25, (he/they) is an Art History major with a Chemistry minor. They joined TKS in 2021 as the graphics editor and have continued in that position since. He is in charge of social media and the creation of the magazines. He is from Chicago, Illinois, and their current goal in life is to work one day at DC Comics, as a comic book artist.

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