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Climate conundrum

Snow one week, 70 degree sunny skies the next
Pareesae Imtiaz
The sidewalk intersection outside Beta House, covered in mud

The unprecedented weather in Galesburg over the past few weeks has left the community confused. From unexpected sunny days to sudden snowfalls, the locals are forced to stay on guard.

At the beginning of March, students on campus began shedding layers and getting comfortable in outdoor spaces. Then suddenly, the weather took a U-turn and it was back to boots, scarves, and jackets.

The brutal Illinois wind, coupled with lower temperatures, has made daily activities a challenge.  Throughout March, the weather varied between a 76 degree high and a 12 degree low. The wide range of temperatures made it difficult to plan ahead for events and activities, making everyday life a hassle.

As the month came to an end, it started getting warmer again, but not for long. In a matter of days, the temperature dropped below freezing, bringing snowfall to Galesburg on April 3. The entire week was chilly, with rainy spells. This led to muddy grounds on the Knox campus, complicating outdoor sports.

Meteorologists believe that this back-and-forth weather is not uncommon for Galesburg, but the warm weather in February was certainly unusual. The last snowfall for the season is also usually in March, whereas this year it extended to the first week of April.

The cause behind this lack of consistency may be explained by climate change, as overall temperatures are rising globally.

Over the next few weeks, the weather in Galesburg is expected to be in the 60°F to 70°F (16°C to 21°C) range, with mid-April temperatures being warmer than usual. Meteorologists believe that the end of April and beginning of May have a 50% to 60% chance of above normal temperatures too.

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