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April 15, 2024

Student Senate recently passed a bylaw requiring a club representative at senate meetings. They have since paused the bylaw. Are you in favor of it?


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Gale’s Grounds: Hope of A Caffeinated Tomorrow


On April 10, the much awaited Knox coffee shop opened in Post Lobby and students and staff lined up to collect their drink of choice and enjoy free cookies.

Many students, like second year Kenzie Powers,  felt the need for more coffee on campus, especially at later hours of the day when coffee shops around town start to close down. 

After several months of delay, Gale’s Grounds coffee shop opened at Knox on April 10. Students excitedly rushed to Post Lobby to try what the new coffee haven had to offer to them. Students lined up to order their drink of choice, and enjoy the free cookies handed out to all customers on the day of opening. 

“I just started working here and it is a lot of fun. I like making coffee, and I find it fun to see what everyone’s ordering. We didn’t even know what a fun experience we were missing. It’s nice to have a coffee shop that feels homey and is open all days of the week,” said first year Maeve Smith,  student worker at the Gale’s Grounds. 

Terri Harding, Food Services Worker, Jaimie Avery, Dining Coordinator/Catering Assistant, and Maeve Smith, Student Worker, posing at the Gale’s Grounds.

“This has been in the making for a while now. President McGadney and Bon Appetit started talking about this last year and it came to my attention over the summer,”  Dining Coordinator/Catering Assistant Jaimie Avery said.

On its opening day, Gale’s Ground served around 200 people. Students tried the featured drink “The Andy”, and while some felt they could not stomach the dark roast double shots of espresso, most of them were excited to finally be getting coffee on campus. 

“The coffee is good, and it tastes like the one I make at home,” said Kenzie Powers after she finally tried coffee from the shop Knox students had been waiting for.

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Areesha Saif
Areesha Saif, Staff Writer
Areesha Saif '24 (she/her) is a Political Science major at Knox. She has been working as a Staff Writer since Winter 2023. She grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, which in her very biased opinion, has the best food in the world. Awards: Honorable Mention Critical Review ICPA 2024

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