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April 15, 2024

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New Library to Connect Knox to the Galesburg Community


Concept Photo of the new library, Courtesy of Galesburg Public Library

A new, 68,000 square foot library will come to Galesburg in early 2024, which will offer the same benefits as the current community library to Knox students and locals of Galesburg.

Mayor Peter Schwartzman, along with the board of the Galesburg Public Library Foundation, broke ground for the construction of the new library for Galesburg on Apr. 7, 2022. The new library will replace the current library in town, which was initially a temporary replacement for a Carnegie library that burned down in the 1950s. 

The new library will be located on the corner of Main and West street, approximately a seven minute walk from SMC—a distance of 0.3 miles. The new library will be 85% bigger than the current library. It will have new facilities such as a community room with audio-visual capabilities, teen space and study space, and a computer lab. 

The cost of construction is $21 million dollars. Seventy-five percent of the cost was financed by a grant from the Public Library Construction Act. The remaining cost was raised locally through donations. $4.1 million dollars was collected, $350,000 more than the original goal of $3.75 million dollars. The construction will be completed by early 2024. 

Aerial Photo of the Library Construction in Process

Photo by Yuchen Wang

Locals are excited about this library because it means a new hope. 

“For the community as a whole, it will be a big step forward. A lot of people don’t have ready internet access at home. So the library becomes the main source of access, which will be increased by more computers,” President of the Galesburg Public Library Foundation Stuart Allison said.

The new library will bring benefits for Knox students as well. 

“This is something that should have happened a long time ago, and I am glad it’s finally happening,” sophomore Nea Schwamm said . 

Knox students will be able to use the resources by signing up for a library card. The building will have meeting spaces that students can use. The maker space will also be a new opportunity for students.Some students are already excited about the new facilities offered. 

“I can imagine if clubs can’t find a space on campus, they can reserve a room in the library using the conference rooms,” junior Audrey Radford said. 

The new library will also include a room dedicated to preserving the history of the Galesburg community. For some Knox students, this will provide a way for them to be better connected to the local community. 

“It’s better to have local history preserved in a library than a separate museum. Since it’s at the center of town, it will make local history more accessible to everyone,” sophomore Jon Yeakey said. 

The new library is not just a fulfillment of a promise made a long time ago, but a new beginning for the community of Galesburg. For Knox students, it’s a new way to enjoy living in Galesburg and a way to connect with the local community. To Allison, a brand new library has way more meaning than just a building.

“When I was little, I loved reading and got my library card when I was six years old. I was asked to serve on the board and elected president of the Foundation two years ago. It’s a way to give back to the community, and it’s important for Knox faculty to be involved with the community of Galesburg. This is one of the ways I do it.” 

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