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Student Read, Student Written, Student Led Since 1878

The Knox Student

Student Read, Student Written, Student Led Since 1878

The Knox Student

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April 15, 2024

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New Year, New Vision for TKS


Lindenmayer (left), and Miller Garrett (right) smile at a classic Beanhive editor meeting. (Photo Courtesy)

Dear Knox Community, 

We are the new editors of The Knox Student (TKS). You may not know us, or even know that TKS is still here and writing. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone – and it hit TKS particularly hard. Last year’s Editors-in-Chief worked hard to keep TKS afloat though many of our structures from before the pandemic were in shambles. 

It was an uphill battle against a lack of readership, a lack of writers, a change in advisor, and difficulties with funding and technology. But TKS is still here, and prepared to come back stronger than ever. 

Our goal is to start a new era in Knox student journalism. This will be a challenge, there are knowledge gaps and much to be figured out. But that is also what makes it the perfect time to restructure TKS into a paper that the student body once more reads and respects. 

TKS has an award winning website, where we have and will continue to post high quality journalism  relevant to the student body. In the past TKS was a weekly print newspaper, but we will now focus most of our efforts on our online presence – like most large newspapers of the current day. 

By winter term, we intend to start a news magazine version of TKS, published every term, that the Knox community will once again be able to find around campus. 

We also hope to get more of you, our intended audience, involved. Once, students from all across campus submitted articles and discourse pieces to our newspaper. We want this to happen again. Please contribute to our sections: News, Sports, Mosaic (Arts and Culture), and Discourse (Opinions/Editorials – like this one!). 

There are so many ways to write for us: if you’re in a club and want to make a statement, if you or a friend is doing something cool that you want to tell campus about, if you have some weird or interesting thoughts about current events, if you want to review a book or a movie, etc!

We will also be hosting professional journalists to teach workshops that all of campus will be welcome to attend. 

In the past, TKS provided coverage that gave a sense of the variety of activities that take place at Knox, explored in-depth the issues that impact the school, and acted as an outlet for the voices of Knox students. 

We have a long standing record of providing important journalistic work through our publication, which we plan to continue to uphold. What TKS needs is new energy, and that is what we are prepared to bring . 

Thank you, 

Ellen Miller Garrett ‘24  and Eleanor Lindenmayer ‘25, Editors-in-Chief 2022-2023 

Want to join us on staff or as a volunteer? Have feedback about our format? Send us an email! [email protected] [email protected]

Have a story you think we should cover? Let us know! https://forms.gle/7n5ppnmucUESZXge8

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