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Pillowtalk – What should I know about my penis and testes?


As promised, before I leave, I want to provide a follow-up to my post a couple weeks back on what to know about your vulva. There, I talked about the more actionable and practical aspects of knowing your own genital anatomy, like how to track changes in your cervix, learning the smell and taste of your discharge, pelvic floor muscles, and the G-spot. Here, I want to talk about what you should know about your body if you have a penis and testes instead!

I started with the G-spot before, so it’s only appropriate I do so again. The prostate gland, which contributes fluid to semen, can be very sexually sensitive and pleasurable, and there’s a few ways you can stimulate it. You can sometimes stimulate the prostate from outside of the body, by pushing up on the root of the penis via the perineum, the space between the scrotum and the anus. 

The most direct route to the prostate is via the anus, about four inches up towards the front of the body. It might feel like you have to pee when you touch it. Rubbing or stroking it with different techniques can change the way it feels; play around so you know what you like. Make sure you use lube!

Whether you want to try anal penetration or not, it’s a good idea to find a lube that works for you that isn’t just a household lotion or coconut oil. You can look at my toy and lube recommendation article here. Try some stuff to make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to anything, and keep it around. All sex (solo included) is safer with lube. Figure out what size condoms work for you and what brands you like, and keep those around, too. Functionally, it’s far more important to know your condom size than your inch measurement.

You can check out toys at the same time if you feel so inclined! Strokers (like the classic Fleshlight or Tenga egg), anal toys, vibrators, cock rings, et cetera. The OhNut is a stackable silicone ring “bumper” that can go on the base of the penis to make penetration more shallow and comfortable for a partner. Sleeves can widen and extend the shaft of the penis for penetration.

Get familiar with what you like! You are your own most consistently available sex partner, and you deserve a lover who knows your body. The more you know your body, the easier it will be to communicate what you like to your partners. How much friction, how much pressure? Do you have any sensitive spots? (The underside of the glans can be a fun place to start.)

Figure out where stuff gets trapped when you’re cleaning your junk and keep an eye on those spots. Notice the color of your skin normally, what color it turns when you’re aroused, and what color it turns when it’s irritated. Spend some time with your scrotum and make sure you know what your testicles feel like normally; doing an occasional self-exam to check for obvious bumps or lumps is a good idea.

There’s some little tidbits you should know, too. You also have a wide variety of pelvic floor muscles that can get pulled, hurt, weakened, et cetera, and you should keep in mind that pelvic floor therapy might be able to help pelvic pain or urinary issues. 

You also have a couple of things called inguinal canals on either side of your penis, which can sometimes be fingered if you take the time to figure out where they are—it’s not too hard if you look it up.

Figure out what it feels like before you orgasm so you know how much time you have in case you need to control your ejaculation.

Finally, just like with vaginal discharge, I recommend you taste your semen; know what’s normal for you so you can compare in the future if you need to.

Have fun, be safe, and use lube!

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