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Student apology for “Goodbye Evolution”


This column solely reflects the view of its author, who requested it be published without further editorial input from TKS. Our Editorial Team has chosen to comply with this request and publish it as is on the basis of it being in the public interest.

Dear Knox College and Greater Community,

I sincerely apologize for the hurtful message in my article “Goodbye Evolution.” I never intended to cause harm, and I am pained that I have offended and hurt members of the student body as well as the greater community. Though different from my intent, I understand the impact of my article has caused harm. 

I do not support eugenics in any way, nor did I intend to suggest that any person is a lesser human being. Rereading my article through the lens of others, I can see the significant discrepancy between my words and my true beliefs. The undertones of eugenics and implicit bias against people of varying abilities in the article are now visible to me. This is not consistent with my beliefs and values as a person. I value every life, and I support modern medicine that allows a great number of people to prosper and retain healthy lives. My article was solely meant as a contemplation of the idea that we do not select our mates for qualities like a sixth toe or a larger mouth.

I recognize that I left my intentions too ambiguous and therefore easily open to interpretation. I take full responsibility for my words and the harm they have caused. From the pain this has caused, I have learned the importance of scrutinizing my own work from many perspectives in order to avoid publishing such a hurtful message. I will continue to learn and grow from this mistake through further credible research into the painful ableist and racist history of eugenics.

I never intended for the article to devalue any human life. I care about all members of the Knox community and beyond, regardless of ability or other differences. I believe that our differences are beautiful and necessary.

My heart aches for the pain I have caused. I know this apology will not rectify all the damage. However, I hope that knowing that my intention was so significantly different from the impact will help. I also hope that you, my community, will witness how my daily actions provide a truer representation of my values and beliefs than has been unintentionally conveyed by my words.


Autumn Crow

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  • E

    EliNov 12, 2020 at 3:22 am

    While I’m sure your intentions were great, the problem with your original piece wasn’t about your intention. You obviously have a lot of inherent bias you need to work on! If ableist bias had crept into your understanding of evolution, it had to have crept into other parts of your life. Take a class, read a book, volunteer, and save the apology. This isn’t about your feelings.